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Distance is a Matter of Perspective

Written by: Bill Sherman on Wednesday, 18 June 2008, 12:42 AM

A friend of mine, Peter Winick, recently made the following observation.

“When you’re ten years old, you can only go as far as your bike will take you. Anything further than two miles may as well be two-thousand miles.”

Some of us are completely comfortable jumping on a plane for a business meeting. Myself, I’ve done that twice in the past two weeks–to Las Vegas and Green Bay, WI. Next week, I’ll be in San Jose, and the week after that, I will be heading to Toronto.

When I step onto an airplane it becomes my quiet office. It’s a place where I get work done and catch up on reading. My phone is off. Plane flights can be so very productive.

Yet, at the same time, I almost always have to travel to meet my clients. They’re scattered around the world. I can’t just meet them for lunch. So, I see them less often. That impacts our relationships.

How do you view distance and travel? What does distance prevent you from doing that you would like to do?

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