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Don’t Let Your Fire Burn Out

Written by: Bill Sherman on Thursday, 15 June 2006, 11:34 PM

It’s easy to fall into a comfort zone where we lose sight of our goals and float along through each day without really moving forward.

While I enjoy floating, I try not to let it become a habit. Here’s what I do when I realize that I’ve let myself drift for a while without challenging myself to grow.

  1. Put Pink Floyd’s “Time” on the speakers or headset.
  2. Program the MP3 player to loop
  3. Turn out the lights and sit in darkness
  4. Listen (really listen) to the lyrics until they scare the hell out of me and rekindle my passion to act

While everyone will have different ways of shaking themselves out of their comfort zone, it’s a great idea to find sure-fire ways to relight your fire. Keep them in reserve and draw upon them when you notice you’ve fallen into a static lull.

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