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Eccentric Relationships

Written by: Bill Sherman on Wednesday, 20 August 2008, 12:11 PM

What about people who drift in and out of our lives? Well, we can represent that through elliptical (rather than circular orbits).  At certain times we’re far apart from each other, and at other times, we’re close.

However, in these relationships, we’re still impacted by each other’s pull. We orbit a common gravitational center. We may go for years without speaking to someone, and then all of a sudden, they’re once again an active part of our life–as if there had never been a gap.

This week, I have been in Las Vegas, working on a project with my friend John. We met each other over twenty years ago, and we’re “brothers-by-choice”. John and I spent many years as housemates together in St. Louis. Then, he moved off to Ohio, went to law-school, and started his practice. During the same time, I was on the road some 200 days/year for work. We drifted from day-to-day contact to occasional contact.

It’s only been within the last two years that we’ve reconnected. John lives in Las Vegas (where my parents retired). When I came out to see my parents, I would stop by to see John. Now, we’re actively working engaged on a complex business project together. More importantly, we’re an active part of each others’ lives again.

In the world of social networks, connections can weaken when someone leaves our lives forever or they can become weak merely because there isn’t an urgent, shared common need. Then, because we orbit a common center, we can quickly return to strong connections.

One Response to “Eccentric Relationships”

  1. Kare Anderson Says:

    Captivating metaphor for explaining how some relationships are so easy to pick up each time we re-meet. That “urgent, shared common need” can be a sweet spot of mutual interest, or simply that two people naturally get in sync…. yet isn’t it a special pleasure to have the relationship season over the years?

    Bet it makes your current work on a complex project easier.

    Trust and familiarity make a strong floor for constructing new ventures. And, yes, you’ve tweaked my interest in what your new venture is about

    August 20th, 2008 5:54 pm

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