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Global Relationships: Remember Important Dates

Written by: Bill Sherman on Saturday, 29 March 2008, 7:54 PM

Recently, a friend and client of mine, Cathy, traveled to Virginia Beach to participate in a St. Patrick’s Day marathon.

The following Monday, she returned to her workplace and found an e-mail from me waiting for her–asking about her trip and the marathon.

“You must have a great memory – I can’t even remember what day it is, yet you remember my races!”

I’m not a guy with an amazing memory. There are days when I’m happy to remember to do the basics for my own life. However, I’ve honed my listening skills for global relationships. And I leverage technology to deepen relationships.

Back in February, Cathy told me about her plans for two races this spring–one in Texas and one in Virginia Beach. She even told me the dates of the race. So, I instantly entered them into my workplace calendar as “meeting events.” Over the next month, my mind was free to focus on other issues. However, my meeting reminder popped up and said “Ask Cathy about this weekend’s race.”

?If we worked in the same office, I’m sure that Cathy and I would have talked about the race the week before the event. However, I didn’t have that luxury. When managing global relationships, you don’t need face-to-face contact or a perfect memory. You must leverage technology. Move beyond communicating with other people, and focus on ways to be relevant to them.

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