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Globalization Mindsets: Investing in Social Capital

Written by: Bill Sherman on Wednesday, 24 September 2008, 11:23 AM

When you think about globalization:

  • Do you see yourself (or your country) competing against people from other countries?
  • Do you see opportunities to connect with others? (partners, customers/clients, vendors, or suppliers)

Your answer matters, and it may even shape your future.

The old paradigm of “first-world, second-world, and third-world” will soon be relegated to history books discussing the 20th Century. The Economist recently questioned whether economists retire the blanket-phrase “emerging economies,” because, at some point, everyone will agree that those “emerging economies” will have actually emerged.

There are macroeconomic forces that will drive international exchange rates and GDP. But, let’s stay on the individual level.

  • Who do you connect with?
  • Who do you compete with?

Social networking tools create the potential for you to connect with people beyond your hometown.That’s great. But, like any tool, you have to put it to use. More importantly, you cannot create a global social network over just one conference or a long-weekend.

Two years from now, will you need a network beyond your local area? If so, get started building a global social network today. Patiently invest, and give generously. The bridging social capital that you create will allow you to spot opportunities that you’d never discover otherwise.

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