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Recognizing Opportunities

Written by: Bill Sherman on Wednesday, 31 May 2006, 11:16 PM

Today, Seth Godin linked to a venture capital company’s anti-portfolio. Most people (and companies) are eager to tell you about their success stories. BVP, the VC firm, created an anti-portfolio to show some of the investment opportunities they missed. They had listened to the proposal and said, “no thanks.”

BVP’s anti-portfolio contains an amazing list of very well-known companies (Apple, FedEx, Intel, Cisco). It’s easy to ask, “how could they have passed on all of these opportunities?”
We make so many decisions in our lives:

  • Paper or plastic?
  • Cook at home, get take-out, order delivery, or go out to eat?
  • Which projects to focus your workdays on?

We get so good at making decisions that it’s easy to turn on the autopilot and just coast through the day. If you want to locate more aha-moments in your life, you have to know when and where to focus your attention. Recognize which choices require your full attention and thought, then choose to become fully engaged. Otherwise, you may let great opportunities and insights drift right past you.

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