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Solving problems through leverage

Written by: Bill Sherman on Wednesday, 17 May 2006, 7:14 PM

My friend, Rajesh Setty, often speaks and writes about the importance of leverage.When you face an obstacle or a challenge, don’t just throw your weight against it.

  • What tasks and activities can you hand off to other people?
  • How can you include other people in your project who can help you get it done better or faster?

Rajesh has nudged me continually towards implementing leverage in my life. I’m grateful for his guidance and advice.
Here are a few quick thoughts about leverage. Every lever needs a fulcrum. When you’re personally close to the problem, it’s hard to gain any leverage. You can push with all of your might and still see few results.

If you want to achieve results, you need a different approach. Step back, reposition your fulcrum, and apply your effort in a more directed manner.

If you’re facing a challenge or trying to solve a problem, what can you do to reposition yourself and shift your lever’s fulcrum?

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