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The Virtual Lunch?

Written by: Bill Sherman on Wednesday, 18 June 2008, 4:03 PM

In May, Cisco demoed a 3D holographic system for live “On-Stage” presence in a presentation between San Jose and Bangalore, India. Watch it. While the presentation is still a bit “commercialized” it’s a step ahead into the future.

Ever since the days of Star Wars (we’ve dreamt of holographic projections) but this adds the immediacy of real-time presentation.

While this is likely to be a keynote conferencing tool for now, we’re likely to see Kurzweil’s doubling take effect. As bandwidth and tools become cheaper, this will spread to smaller businesses and then home use. It’s another way to manage global relationships through telepresence . . . while reducing that pernicious carbon footprint.

Specific-use technologies transformed as they enter the marketplace. People break them down and transform them into new uses. Will we, one-day, be able to sit down to a virtual business lunch or a dinner party? If so, we’d able to eat together, even when we’re eating alone.

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