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A-Ha Moments

Breaking past myths to create more aha-moments in your life

Written by: Bill Sherman on Sunday, 14 May 2006, 8:56 PM


Myths are the out-dated stories that we tell ourselves and others. We all create stories about ourselves and our companies each day. These stories to showcase our capablities, share our experiences, and even describe our limitations. We use these stories as ways to shape corporate brands and personal brands. However, the danger occurs when people tell and retell these stories without any reflection. Over time, stories can accrete into thick layers of sediment, like peat in a bog.

  • Myths = “what we were”
  • Stories = “what we are”
  • Goals = “what we will become”

Stories that were once truly accurate and relevant slowly decay into myths. These myths preserve the rough semblance of a true story, but myths have lost touch with reality and limit opportunities for growth. Instead of a living story, myths become the bog-mummies of corporate and personal branding.

How can we locate more aha-moments in our lives? We need to move past the obstacles that can get in our way and prevent us from recognizing and acting on opportunities.

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