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Why Patience Still Matters in Relationships

Written by: Bill Sherman on Thursday, 21 August 2008, 12:28 PM

If you’ve ever been to a rubber-chicken networking event, you’ve probably seen people who try to connect too quickly. They know they only have a short amount of time to connect with you, so they try to get too close “too quickly.”

They act like your best friend, in the hopes that they’ll create enough of a weak bond that you’ll remember them tomorrow. Usually, these attempts come off as insincere. If you remember the person at all, it’s probably because your formed a negative impression.

Building relationships take time, and you can’t push a weak-tie into a strong-tie connection. You can create mutual opportunities; you can invite; you can offer help; but in the end, you cannot force someone to care about you. They must choose to do so.

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