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Your Lawnmowing Pitch

Written by: Bill Sherman on Monday, 29 May 2006, 3:18 PM

While I was outside this weekend, one of the neighbors’ children walked over to me and made a compelling offer. The young boy, named Justin, is about seven years old, and he said, “Would you like me to mow your yard every Saturday for you?” I smiled warmly, and I asked him how much he wanted for his services.

His eyes widened. He’d focused so much on having the courage to make the request that he hadn’t thought through his entire pitch. He began to panic. I didn’t want to put him on the spot. So, I told him to take some time to think about my question and come back to me when he had his answer ready.

We all make lawnmowing pitches. They happen during business meetings, conferences, and sales calls. We gather our courage and ask for a new opportunity. Often, when we make the request, we move beyond our comfort zones. We put out our ideas and we desperately want others to show interest and say, “yes.” Here are some examples of common lawnmowing pitches you might make in the workplace

  • Request funding or resources
  • Seek new responsibilities (a new role or join a project)
  • Ask for a raise
  • Propose a solution to a prospect or current client

Like Justin, my young entrepreneurial lawnmowing neighbor, we sometimes focus so much on the pitch that we forget to prepare for the follow-up questions. Before you make your next pitch (personal or professional), take time to plan through your lawnmowing pitch.

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